My brother and I are very close. We always do things together. He would help me with my homework. When he had basketball practice on weekends, he would take me with him so that I could watch them. Hwould even let me shoot hoops and pass the ball with his teammates. After their practice, we would hang around with his friends, eat out, or do my most favorite thing in the world. We would head over to the mall and play at the arcade.

I loved playing video games with my brother. Sometimes we would race and compete with each other. We would also shoot some more hoops and see who got the most number of points and I would be so happy and would smirk at him whenever I won (although thinking about it now, I think he just let me win during those occasions.) There were also times that he would help me out with a new game until I got the hang of it. 

He would teach me some tricks and techniques to win the game. Sometimes we would play side by side, fighting zombies and monsters until we beat them. In the end, we would pool our points and tickets and exchange them for some chocolates and toys that I would like to have. Those were precious memories indeed. That’s the most awesome bonding activity that we share. But things changed when he had to move away for college. 

A week before leaving, he passed on his smartphone to me and said that I should call him whenever I wanted to talk to him. He also said that we could still continue playing games with each other through online video games. There’s this app that we use called Apps Genius that enables us to play together even if we are miles apart and so our bonding continues.