You see your smartphone flashing. There is a new notification. You check what it is about. It is an invitation to join a new social media game sent by your best friend Trisha. You smile and click join and you and Trisha connect on another platform that allows you to share a gaming experience in the virtual world. Aside from this new game, there are numerous other games that you play together. You even chat with each other especially when you need her help so she could send you gifts, help you out in a battle, or give you another life. You both enjoy playing these games and that is nice. That is one of the advantages of social games and mobile applications.

It adds a new platform or channel for you to have fun with your friends. And you do not have to all sit together in someone else’s living room or gaming room to play the games together. You can be in different places and play the same game. The chat application makes conversations possible as if you are just playing the game side by side. There is a level of convenience brought about by the portability of your gadgets and devices.

And when you are together in the real world, there are lots of new things to talk about because of these shared experiences online. In this case, we can also say that social games and mobile apps can enhance your relationships with other people. It enables people to communicate, have fun, and share experiences even when they are not physically together. With so many apps to choose from, there are endless possibilities for learning and bonding with your friends. Indeed, social games and mobile apps have revolutionized the way we socialize.