Online gaming experience to a different level

We are living in the digital age where social games and mobile apps have changed the way we learn, work and play. Whereas other people say that this creates division, we say that we can maximize the benefits of social games and mobile apps to enrich our relationships with other people. We make use of the wonders of technology to develop games that would serve as bridges and avenues to strengthen the bonds among families and friends by allowing them to join each other in virtual games and create shared experiences that are full of fun and excitement.

Stay tuned to our website for announcements on the latest releases of the newest social games and mobile apps. Know about the latest collaborations between your favorite social games and mobile apps. We also feature news about game developments, the latest gadgets and devices that would enhance our gaming experience, and reviews about the games and other apps available on the market to make sure you get your money’s worth and do not end up disappointed. We also have blogs and online community discussions where our subscribers can share their experiences while using Apps Genius and other social games and mobile apps. You can also be among the first to play the newest games that we have on trial. What’s more is that we have exciting games, discounts, and freebies from time to time so better make sure that you check our site all the time so you will not miss out on these promos.

Apps Genius allows you to choose whom you play with in the virtual world. Aside from opening up a different channel for you to bond with your family and friends, Apps Genius at the same time limits the people who can approach you in the virtual world. This way, you do not get unwanted invitations and messages from people you do not even know. This also increases your online safety and security. Apps Genius lets you play only with the people you want to play with.  

Check out these games on social media and invite your family and friends to join you: Snookify Me!, My Mad Millions, Mafia Wars, Farm Town, Bruisers, Bed Bug Alert, Drama Llama, Slap a Friend, and Crazy Dream. Together, you can pretend to be your favorite Hollywood stars, or live the life of the rich and famous, attack enemies, plant crops on your virtual farm, and many more. As they say, there is a mobile app for whatever you can think of so the possibilities of fun and entertainment are endless. 

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